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Gummy Mix Bundles

LEVO Gummy Candy Making Machine
LEVO Gummy Candy Making Machine with gummy candy in a bowl

Gummy Candy Mixer


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Gummy Mix (3 pack)

$68.00 $75.00

Tie Dye

Gummy & Candy Silicone Molds


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Gummy Mix (10 pack)

$225.00 $250.00

Raspberry Sherbert gummy mix, made with all natural colors and flavors. Make your own dosed edible gummies at home, and save 10x the cost of buying pre-made. LEVO pays for itself compared to buying tinctures and gummies at the store.
LEVO gummy bags contain all the instructions and information you need to make your own edibles in your kitchen. Save money by buying homemade.

Gummy Mix - Raspberry Sherbert


Gummy Edibles Making Kit with LEVO Gummy Candy Mixer, gummy molds, gummy mix variety 3 pack, liquid sunflower lecithin, and MCT oil
All 7 flavor options - 4 will come in this bundle.
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Gummy Edibles Making Kit with Gummy Candy Mixer

$249.99 $284.92

Gummy Making Edibles Kit by LEVO with three mystery gummy flavors. Gummy Edibles Making Kit - Create your own infused gummies with this comprehensive kit, featuring 3 mystery flavors of gummy mix, MCT oil, and silicone gummy molds.
Orange Creamsicle gummy mix
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Gummy Edibles Making Kit

$134.00 $148.00

Treat your tasetbuds to Tropical Peach gummies, with hints of mango, starfruit, and pineapple. Make your own peachy oasis at home with LEVO powdered gummy mix. Just add infused oil and water to cook up your own batch of infused gummies.
All LEVO gummies come with instructions on the back to make it easy as possible to make your own dosed edibles. Don't forget to share your gummies with friends and store them in a safe place.

Gummy Mix - Tropical Peach


Infusion Sprayer and Gummy Mold Gift with Purchase

Infusion Sprayer + Gummy Mold GWP


Sour gummy sugar trio; watermelon, plain, blue raspberry
Sour gummy sugar trio in watermelon, plain, and blue raspberry with coated gummy edible candy
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Sour Gummy Sugar Trio

$32.00 $36.00

LEVO Gummy Worm silicone candy making mold
LEVO Gummy Worm silicone candy making mold
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Gummy Worm Silicone Molds

$20.99 $34.99

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Grape Soda Gummy Mix ingredients and instructions
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Gummy Mix Variety 3 Pack - Grape, Marshmallow, and Orange

$68.00 $75.00

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