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Not All Home Infusion
Machines Are Created Equal…

You may have heard: there is a machine designed to streamline this process so that it's simple, precise, mess-free and essentially, hands off.

With this in mind, not all home infusion machines are created equal. 

Many of those on the market are repurposed soymilk makers that were ultimately designed for, well, making soy milk.

When it comes to infusing oil or butter, these machines tear up the plants - the very botanicals you're trying to gently coax the best qualities from.

A big problem with these milk-making machines is that in tearing and whipping up the plant matter, chlorophyll is released, which consequentially introduces elements of oxidation.

This combination could create a color, or taste that is quite undesirable, overall dismantling the vision for a fantastic infusion. 

Outside of aeration, the temperature is a vital factor that can destroy an infusion if not properly controlled. 

These elements are critical to creating dreamy, elevated infusions. 

This is why choosing a machine that is designed to eliminate these potential problems can be game-changing!

Introducing LĒVO

The Ultimate Solution

In an effort to create a line of professional-level home infusers for the kitchen hobbyist, the fine folks at LĒVO have been hard at work. 

Through a number of R&D iterations they’ve been able to take controlled home infusing to a whole new level, and the reviews from around the world are swift to support this claim. 

With three, carefully designed machines, LĒVO presents a fine-tuned method to allow you to step into the world of home infusions risk-free!

The World’s First Automated Infuser.

The first of its kind  - a premium home kitchen appliance for infusing herbs, spices, and botanicals into oil or butter – mess free. 

LĒVO automates a process that is traditionally messy and tedious, to one of simple elegance, so anyone can enjoy infused creations at home. 

With LĒVO, you can have complete control over your ingredients, taste and potency.

The World’s First Automated Infuser.

Patented Infusion Process

LĒVO uses patented technology to infuse all of the good stuff and none of the bad stuff (like grassy-tasting chlorophyll), without aerating your infusion to optimize shelf life. 

You'll get top shelf quality and extended shelf life with your own ingredients.

Infusion Perfected - Dry, Activate & Infuse

Dry & Activate (decarboxylation) modes allow you to increase potency and extend shelf life with commercial-grade time and temperature controls. 

LĒVO is the only appliance that lets you infuse any herb into just about anything (think oil, butter, honey, vegetable glycerin, and more!) at the touch of a button. 

Surprisingly Simple

You don’t need to be a chemist, a kitchen connoisseur, or even an infusion veteran. 

LĒVO makes culinary creations and DIY wellness a breeze, streamlining and automating a traditional method of oil and butter infusion that's usually messy and tedious. 

Instead of fearing the process, you can focus on the fun you’ll have and, of course, the delicious outcome. 

Plus, you have to admit that infusion never looked so good!

Have A Look At Some Of The Amazing Features Of LĒVO

Set It And Forget It!

Put in your herbs or spices, pour in your carrier liquid, set the temperature and time, and LĒVO does everything else on its own. 

You can go about your day while LĒVO works its magic! 

Customizable Time And Temperature

There’s no other infusion device out there that affords infüsiasts, chefs, and small business owners LĒVO’s level of precision control, down to the degree and the minute

For those looking to reproduce infusions time and again, other infusion methods are risky and won’t cut it. 

Crock pots and over-simplified devices don’t let users in on what temperature the infusion is or when it will finish, which is crucial information for many herbs and carriers. 

Soymilk makers limit time and temperature options, which restricts creativity and control.

Dry Cycle

You can use your LĒVO II and LĒVO Lux Dry cycle to prepare fresh herbs for infusing, or for storing your garden’s harvest. 

Dried herbs contain less moisture, extending the shelf life of your infusion by reducing the chance of mold - which happens when water and oil mix. 

LĒVO II and LĒVO Lux contain Dry cycles so you can make the most of your fresh herbs, peppers, petals, and more. 

Activate Cycle

If you’re infusing flower, it’s good to understand the two primary compounds found in this medicinal natural ingredient. 

They’re generally inactive in raw flower and need to be “activated” through decarboxylation

This means flower needs to be heated at a specific time and temperature before any psychoactive effects can be felt. 

Activation removes the acid, or the “A” molecule, by releasing a carbon atom - hence the abbreviated term: decarb. 

With LĒVO II and Lux, our default setting is 240°F for 30 minutes, and with LĒVO C it’s a 45 minute cycle per ½ ounce. 

Loosely pack your Pod with coarsely ground flower, place it in the machine, and set it to Activate. 

Sit back and relax while the machine warms up and discreetly decarbs for you. 

Gentle Infuse Cycle

Some of the world’s earliest civilizations used infused oils for medicinal practice and food preparation. 

Because infused oils extract components of the whole plant, they provide superior nutritional, therapeutic and healing benefits. 

To infuse oil, butter, honey, milk, and more, controlled heat and time are used to transfer the scent, color, and nutrients from your ingredients into your carrier. 

LĒVO allows you to have complete creative control over your recipe. 

Our gentle, bladeless infusion method doesn’t aerate your ingredients, increasing the shelf life of your infusion.

Herb Pod Technology

LĒVO is the cleanest infusion machine out there thanks to Herb Pods.  

Effortlessly infuse fresh herbs into oils and butter using the Herb Pod in your machine. 

The self-straining stainless steel pod holds up to half a cup of dry ingredients for LĒVO II and LĒVO Lux, and holds 1 ounce of herb in LĒVO C.

Herb Pods keep infusing easy and mess free - as it should be! 

For increased potency or flavor of your infusions, try using two Pods in LĒVO. 

Use an Herb Press to squeeze every last drop of your infusion from the Pods. 

Herb Pods keep infusing easy and mess free - as it should be! 

For increased potency or flavor of your infusions, try using two Pods in LĒVO II and LĒVO Lux. 

Use an Herb Press to squeeze every last drop of your infusion from the Pods. 

Save your leftover infused herb for recipes, body scrubs, or face masks and toss the Herb Pod in the dishwasher. 

Quiet and Discreet

Many infusion machines today are soymilk makers rebranded for herbal infusion. 

They consist of an immersion blender attached to a lid on a metal basin - and they are loud. 

LĒVO’s patented bladeless infusion process consists of intermittent soaking and gentle - quiet - stirring

This method that we refer to as lab stirring uses a silicone magnetic stirrer and doesn’t introduce any air into the infusion. 

Everything about LĒVO has a purpose, and this stirring method is no different: it results in better tasting infusions with a longer shelf life. 

And because there are no blades chopping herb and releasing unnecessary chlorophyll into the carrier oil, the infusion is clean, crisp, and full of flavor.

Dispense Mode

LĒVO is the only decarb and infusion device with simple dispensing of your infusion designed into the machine from the start. 

No need to buy bulky filter bags and gloves or expensive funnels and presses, you get it all-in-one. 

With LĒVO II and LĒVO Lux, simply place a jar under the dispenser and press the dispense button to collect your fragrant, beautiful, pre-filtered infusion.

LĒVO C is just as easy - the glass basin doubles as a storage container or you can pour your infusion into a jar so you can whip up another large batch infusion.

Beautiful Design

There is no herbal infusion machine that looks as beautiful on your countertop as LĒVO C, LĒVO II & LĒVO Lux.

Infinitely Imaginative

For the infüsiast in you, LĒVO offers endless possibilities. 

Make anything: delicious delights, gourmet gifts, stress-relieving salves, sleep-inducing tonics, and more. 

Keep health and wellness top of mind by controlling the purity and potency of what goes in – and on – your body, down to the last drop.

Which LĒVO is right for you?

Check them out, side-by-side, and pick the machine that speaks to you!

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