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Mega Accessory Bundle

LEVO mega bundle - all of our accessories together. Perfect if you already have a LEVO machine.

Mega Accessory Bundle

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Product Description

New! Mega Accessory Bundle includes:
• 1 New Infusion Sprayer Bottle
• 2 Gummy Trays with Lids & Droppers
• 1 Green Herb Block Tray
• 1 Herb Press
• 1 Power Pod with Pod Protector
• Inspired Infusions Digital Cookbook 
• Keto Meets LĒVO Digital Cookbook 
• All items ship at the same time, including cookbook downloads

The LĒVO Inspired Infusions Cookbook is the perfect companion to any LEVO purchase to uplift your imagination and takes infusing to the next level. With over 30 recipes including power gummies, vegan ceviche, Pajeon (scallion pancake), coconut almond protein balls, and a delightful update to the classic Old Fashioned cocktail.

In the Keto meets LĒVO cookbook, we’re exploring 28 Keto recipes, tapping members of our own team who are Keto followers, as well as receiving fantastic input from Keto experts. 

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