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LEVO Coconut Oil is Organic, virgin, and unrefined. It's great for infusing and has a nice coconut taste. Certified Organic for all your healthy infusions with LEVO II. The 29 oz jar will fill almost 2 reservoirs full.
LEVO Coconut Oil is keto-friendly, gluten-free, chemical-free, kosher, halal, BPA-free, non-hydrogenated, and good for cooking at medium to high temperatures.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil | 29oz


Looking for LEVO Oil and Butter infused recipes? Find 25 breakfast, appetizer, dinner, dessert, and drink recipes for your LEVO oil infusion machine in this cookbook. Instant digital download, instant gratification. Start cooking LEVO recipes tonight!
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Cookbook: Inspired Infusions (Digital Download)

$29.99 $39.99

In our
The LEVO oil infusion machine is perfect for adding the nutritional benefits of herbs, flowers, and nuts to healthy oils and fats. This makes LEVO an ideal kitchen appliance for the Keto or Ketogenic diet. LEVO's Keto Cookbok makes finding Keto friendly recipes easy. This cookbook is great for the whole family and features easy weekday meals.
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Cookbook: KETO meets LĒVO (Digital Download)

$29.99 $39.99

Save when you buy glitter and shimmer together from LEVO! Edible glitter for your edibles.
Looking to make your infused edibles shine and turn heads? Use our food safe glittery gold shimmer.
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Gummy Glitter + Shimmer Kit

$29.99 $39.99

Get the best out of your LEVO II with the Spare Parts Kit.
Each part of the Spare Parts Kit works together to deliver high quality herbal oil and butter infusions.

LĒVO II Spare Parts Kit


LEVO is your one stop shop for your favorite infusion machine, LEVO II, and the best high quality oils to use with your machine. Try this Coconut plus Avocado oil blend with MCTs. Great for infusing!
LEVO Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend. This oil is vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, chmical-free, kosher, halal, BPA-free, non hydrogenated, and stays liquid at room temperature.

Coconut + Avocado Oil Blend | 32oz


LEVO's premier cookbook: Inspired Infusions, Elevated Edibles. Cooking with LĒVO just better.
LĒVO's Inspired Infusions, Elevated Edibles table of contents. Get recipe ideas from breakfast to snacks, from desserts to cocktails. Elevate your cooking.
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Cookbook: Inspired Infusions (Hardcover Print)

$44.99 $59.99

LEVO MCT Oil is a premium, flavorless liquid coconut oil. At 32 fl oz, it will fill 2 LEVO II reservoirs to capacity, 4 cups total. Great for infusing!
LEVO MCT Oil is vegan, keto-friendly, gluten-free, chemical-free, kosher, halal, BPA-free, and non-hydrogenated.

Premium MCT Liquid Coconut Oil | 32oz


Two pack of LĒVO Cherry Gummy Mix. Bundle and Save! Make your own edibles with LEVO gummy mix.
Two pack of LĒVO Raspberry Gummy Mix. Bundle and Save! All natural color and flavor mixes.
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Gummy Mix Two Pack

$44.99 $49.98

Buy more, save more! Subscribe to LEVO gummy mix trio for monthly shipments and save 10%.
Tart Cherry LEVO gummy mix, made with all natural flavors and no artificial colors. Make your gummies pop with LEVO infused MCT or Coconut Oil. has everything you need to make your own infused gummies at home. Share your infused gummies with friends.
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Cherry, Raspberry, Peach Gummy Mix Kit

$64.99 $74.97

Elevate and Create Bundle from LEVO in Robin Blue, comes with an herb tray, 2 gummy molds, herb press, power pod, and pod protector.
Elevate and Create Bundle from LEVO in Chartreuse Green, comes with an herb tray, 2 gummy molds, herb press, power pod, and pod protector.
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Elevate and Create Kit

$74.99 $89.99

Do you love to Wake & Bake? So do we. That's why we made the Wake & Bake Kit.
For a special birthday, celebration, or any day! Turn regular breakfast into a special occasion with birthday cake flavored pancakes or waffles.
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Wake & Bake Kit

$79.99 $103.96

LEVO Herb Block Tray and Herb Press Bundle for LEVO I and II.
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Infüsiasm Accessories Kit

$99.99 $119.95